I’m Architectural Designer: Programs I used – Architectural Desktop, AutoCAD 2004-2012, Softplan 12. I have construction experience residential, commercial and industrial.

Also Mechanical Engineering Technician: Programs I used – Catia V4 basics, Solidworks, AutoCAD 2004-2012, 2D/3D; Inventor 2008-2011 3D modeling.

7 years experience in the field, I help anyone in any questions as independent advisor, mentor, developer and consultant. Most of my work is base on:

  • Researched and Development and how to do it: Identifying the need, defining the performance criteria and research, finalizing the design the detailed design drawings, modeling/product development design testing ,data and evaluation, redesign and improvement.
  • Whole Systems and Engineering design process and solutions: Designer’s concept sketches, residential, commercial and industrial
  • Changing reality of the organization initial Architectural and Mechanical concept
  • Engineering design models all aspects of the design
  • Helping and Educated the community, wholes systems thinking and engineering design process
  • Orientation to the concept of the teamwork and their functions
  • Methods for developing creativity
  • Creativity, Innovation, Design process and the Use of rapid prototyping 
  • Strategic planning tool and brainstorm of any project
  • CAD Software: 3D Modeling and what it means for the design
  • Product data management (PDM)
  • How the design process is responding to technology and problem-solving processes
  • Planning the project, Design Analysis and techniques, Quality standards and improving performance.
  • Managing change in the engineering design process commitments to the customer and key elements of the project completion.