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Yes I agree! there is some other way to get a different tech…

Once again, investment in wind power has proven to be a failure. This summer the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest and Texas have experienced higher than usual temperatures which have caused peaks in demand for electricity that grid operators could barely manage. As mentioned in an earlier article, EPA Threatens Grid Reliability, grid operators had to rely on older coal-fired power plants to prevent blackouts. They couldn’t rely on wind because wind … Read More

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I like this Picture…

Backup? What's that My computer is important to me. Photos, videos, all sorts of things are accumulating in the computer at a steady pace. The hard drive (500GB) of my new laptop (5 months old) filled up and I was reminded of this, by the system. So I bought a new backup drive, the old one was not big enough for the new computer. As I was preparing to backup (Tim … Read More

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Alternative Energy

Artengstudio = ART ENGENEERING STUDIO is design to help you on the best alternative energy for Engineer(s) and Non-Engineer(s), students and Non-student and so on any body can do it with materials that you can buy in a hardware store with the best explanatory process of what motor you will be able to generate electric energy to power your home or your car or any other projects.

What are the resources, the design and development? Simple easy step by step, it uses a specific movement known as perpetual motion. For those of you who don’t know, perpetual motion refers to a movement that will go on forever without stopping. This is not about using solar panels or wind turbines because those can be expensive and this device doesn’t require any external source of energy to power itself. Also can independently power your home and help you say goodbye to your electricity bills.

Hi, this is Joel Bustamante the Owner of Art-Eng.Studio = Art Engineering Studio

I welcome you and people to my site who are passionate on Inventions, Architectural Designs, Mechanical Drawings, Engineering, Power Energy generation, Art, sketches and more…

I created this site for the ones with and Idea to make things better for themselves, no only national; but worldwide reach, providing practical help, support and advice this can be over the phone by an appointments. Doesn’t matter if you are not an engineer or designer this site is build to bring Ideas together and implement the solutions and recommendations; taking you out of the land of the fraudulence scammers that just want your money. I listen, I understand, I act and find the solutions for your research and development.

Also, I’ll recommend products to you that I use before and tested, internet sites and videos that you can watch and programs that you can used. Right now I’m focusing in Power Generation not only from solar panels or Wind power, but there are other solutions that you can build something for your self that doesn’t cost too much to build, I provide the information and experience and help you to define your project.